Bruce Quarto

President & CEO

After selling his software company and retiring in 2003, Bruce Quarto led a charge to put rock music back on the map. He did this after receiving a call from long-time friend and rock legend, Stuart Smith of the popular band Sweet. Sweet had the 1973 breakout hit, “Ballroom Blitz” and Stuart had been the guitarist in a reformation of the famous group, in Los Angeles in 2008. After discussing the in’s and the outs of the biz and the vision that Bruce & Stuart had, it became clear that Quarto’s efforts should be focused on Stuart’s brain-child band, Heaven & Earth. The vehicle for this would be Bruce’s own label, Quarto Valley Records.

Mr. Quarto grew up in Southern California where he and his older brother would listen to vinyl that his brother would purchase with his earnings from his local job. “My older brother would bring home new vinyl every week when he got his paycheck. He had a fantastic stereo system and so we would sit in beanbags in the center of the room and listen to the music, while marveling at the album covers. We would read every word of the liner notes and eagerly follow the lyrics. He also used to take me to concerts.” It wasn’t long before the infectious lifestyles and fast living would appeal to a young Bruce. He began focusing his attentions on the change that was happening around the new tech boom and what it would take to make an independent music success in the current industry.

In 2007, Bruce began his trek into film production and the movie business which led him to the silver screen superstar meetings or Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jason Biggs, & Josh Hutcherson. Bruce was learning quickly what it took to make it in the entertainment world. It wasn’t long after that Bruce was on that call with Stuart and they were beginning to compile a band of phenomenal musicians that most recently includes: Joe Retta on Vocals, Stuart Smith on Guitar, Lynn Sorensen on Bass, Ty Bailie on B3 and Keys and Kenny Aronoff on Drums.

When asked the mission of Quarto Valley Records, Bruce exclaimed, “We are very focused on sync placement for the Heaven and Earth material, including the forthcoming album, H&E IV, and back catalog.” Licensing was given a boost when this year Bruce produced the soon to be hit movie, featuring superstar and good friend, Steven Tyler, 'Happy Birthday', now available on iTunes Movies . Two Heaven and Earth songs are featured, in the film including “Good Times” and the mover “Rock n Roll Does”. For those who don’t know, Heaven & Earth write and play original and catchy new rock and blues songs with 70s, 80s and even Classical Music influences. All their songs take you on a journey while driving home the hooks that make Rock music anthems.

When asked what his vision is for the next five years with Quarto Valley Records in the fluxing state of the Rock Industry, Quarto replied, “The reality of creating music with bands is a lot of hard work. I ride this ride now in 2016 where so much has changed in the industry… to create the rock anthems that the world needs now is still our primary focus.”