Bruce Quarto

A rebellious child with an ability to fix all manner of things, the California born and bred Bruce Quarto has grown into a passionate entrepreneur, with a brain seemingly moving four million times faster than most, who wants to help others and accomplish “things people say I can’t do.”

Bruce began his career as a computer programmer, developing a very successful tech business, which he later sold for more than enough money to retire early. However, retirement was something that did not interest this fast-paced, creative executive. Instead, he turned his attentions from coding to his passions for films, great music, and philanthropy.

Quarto has more than dipped his toe into the film industry, establishing his BSQ Productions entity and executive producing a quartet of projects, including Happy Birthday with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame and The Third Rule with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jason Biggs.

Through his success, Quarto has taken films to the Cannes, Tribecca and Rome Film Festivals. He laughs, “These relatively small projects were basically just for fun and also to help my friend Aundre’ fulfill his dreams of directing larger films.”
Impassioned by the desire to fix problems and provide solutions for broken situations, Quarto was moved to create Quarto Valley Records (QVR) after a conversation with his friend—guitarist and songwriter, Stuart Smith, formerly with the hugely successful band Sweet. Hearing how record companies treated their artists stunned Quarto. Bruce began to study the industry and seek ways to conduct business that was fair to all, “I couldn’t believe what had been going on—and for how long!”

Quarto meticulously reviewed industry practices and came up with his plan of how to create a model that would be fair for everyone; an alternative to what traditional record companies have been doing to and with artists for decades. To many, in and outside of the industry, his solution might seem the action of a naïve dreamer. But Quarto will tell you, “I’m just a free-spirit. I think I’m here on this earth to help people, and the music industry is one of the places where I can help.”

“The truth is that the record industry does need a kick, does need pulling into the 21st century, but all of that does not necessarily have to do with technology”, he says. “I want to change everything about the record industry and everything about the way artists are treated. The artists create music and basically need someone to shepherd, nurture and take care of them, so they have the room to blossom and create for the world. The problem with the current record business is that money rules their every thought. I can’t understand why the industry has been so cruel to the people who create so much great music. “

To Quarto, the only solution seemed to be the creation of a new record company. Welcome to Quarto Valley Records, where the promise is NOT to be like those other companies. “I’ve told everyone on our team to never let me ever slip into their (traditional record company) ways”, he asserts. “I’m gonna’ try and make a difference.”

Quarto grew up with jazz, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll. His first signing was the group Heaven & Earth, a conglomeration of some of the best musicians from famed bands of the rock era—including the Smiths.

Quarto believes that rock ‘n’ roll is about to take its turn on the wheel of rediscovery that comes to all forms of music over time. He’s certain that the time is now for the genre, and that’s why he’s putting his money where his hunch is.
The reward of that hunch has been sold-out audiences for Heaven & Earth in Europe and the U.S. and by the response from other performers. He recently signed Paul Rodgers (Bad Company, Free) and has many other projects planned, including upcoming blues and country projects.

For artists who come to Quarto Valley Records, Bruce insists, “We aren’t going to make them eat their vegetables, but they are going to see some green that they haven’t seen before. They’re going to be well taken care of. I’m here to build great lives, not to make tons of money for myself. I want the artists to get the rewards they deserve.”

Bruce has also established a Blues foundation and plans for festivals, concerts, and even a campus for artists to create and record.

Quarto has also entered the field of technology, entertainment, and marketing—via his Melodic Technologies Company. The genesis of the company came from Chi, a jewelry designer friend, and his utilization of a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip first placed into a pearl and then other jewelry. Bruce saw other possibilities within the realm of music and entertainment and soon after the Musical Bead was created, offering new music (full albums or singles), music videos or even a playlist of anyone’s musical choice. Putting the NFC chip onto (or into) other wearable objects, including band or sports merchandise is also being explored. Of course, Quarto sees that this technology has a synergy with his record label and its music, as well as offering more unique marketing possibilities on a variety of objects and promotional items. It’s a definite to say that there’s more to come from Melodic Technologies, Inc.

Down in Quarto Valley something is stirring, and that something is Bruce Quarto—a multi-talented inventor and renaissance man offering a positive, fresh outlook for the record industry and exciting, innovative technology for the world!